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The event list below sometimes loads slowly from an EventBrite link - please provide extra time for it to load.  The two hiking tours for April are already full.  Sign up on this page, "Never Miss an Update" to be notified when more tours are scheduled.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Whether individuals or groups, we have pre-planned  and custom-tailored activities for you!  Ideal for scout groups, school groups, social groups, church groups, and corporate team-building. 


Opportunities include but are not limited to environmental enhancement, wildlife study/education, invasive species mitigation, spring trash cleanup, health & wellness activities, outdoor classrooms, native plant seeding, habitat preservation, expert-led tours, community outreach, historical infrastructure restoration, cemetery stewardship, fundraising, and communications. 


With over 100 unique acres including old-growth forest; rolling prairies; ponds, creeks and wetlands; 2 cemeteries; century-old landscaping inspired by Fredrick Law Olmsted; diverse wildlife habitat supporting several at-risk species - we can find an opportunity that matches your passion


Also actively seeking corporate sponsorships including sponsor-brand support. 

Removal of Buckthorn, An Invasive Species:

Photo Credit Eddee Daniel

Buckthorn is an invasive species that has taken over much of Sanctuary Woods remnant oak savanna and interrupted the regeneration cycle of the old-growth forest. In 2019 Milwaukee County Parks helped facilitate three buckthorn remediation projects in a section of Sanctuary Woods. Several Boy Scouts formed the core-group, and was joined by dozens interested community members. See the good work started in 2019 here:

In 2020, a Boy Scout Eagle project will focus on further buckthorn remediation.  Hoppe Tree Service has generously agreed to partner with Friends of County Grounds Park in a more extensive remediation project.  We appreciate their partership to improve this special place, support our community, and support our youth.

  • Saturday April 18; 8am-noon; Trash/river pickup and invasive garlic mustard and dames rocket removal

  • Saturday, Sep 17; 8am-noon; Buckthorn removal with Hoppe Tree Service & Eagle Scout Project


Future service opportunities will be communicated via the use the update list above and posted in the Eventbrite section.

Friends Group Monthly Meetings:

Friends of County Grounds Park holds regular monthly meetings the 2nd Monday of each month at 7pm.  All are welcome.  We address issues consistent with our mission:  to protect and improve the natural areas and wildlife habitat of County Grounds Park and to continue the tradition of using this land to promote community health and wellness.  We are always seeking new ideas that support our mission, volunteers who support the activities, and more friends to support planning and organization. 

Location:  Jacobus Park Pavilion 6501 W. Hillside Ln., Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (this is not the address for County Grounds Park)

In May 2020 the monthly meeting is held via Zoom at:  
Please consider testing the link in advance.  Speakers and microphone required.  Camera optional.  This can be run off any modern smartphone.

We are always seeking park history to include in our interactive maps, new ideas that support our mission, volunteers who support the activities, and more friends to support planning/organization.  We can be reached at

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