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The event list below sometimes loads slowly from an EventBrite link - please provide extra time for it to load.  Sign up on this page, "Never Miss an Update" to be notified when more tours are scheduled.

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​Tour sign ups are typically posted the month before the tour is offered.  Sign-up links with full descriptions will appear above on this page.


Volunteer Opportunities:

Whether individuals or groups, we have pre-planned  and custom-tailored activities for you!  Ideal for scout groups, school groups, social groups, church groups, and corporate team-building. 


Opportunities include but are not limited to environmental enhancement, wildlife study/education, invasive species mitigation, spring trash cleanup, health & wellness activities, outdoor classrooms, native plant seeding, habitat preservation, expert-led tours, community outreach, historical infrastructure restoration, cemetery stewardship, fundraising, and communications. 


With over 100 unique acres including old-growth forest; rolling prairies; ponds, creeks and wetlands; 2 cemeteries; century-old landscaping inspired by Fredrick Law Olmsted; diverse wildlife habitat supporting several at-risk species - we can find an opportunity that matches your passion


Also actively seeking corporate sponsorships including sponsor-brand support. 


County Grounds Park / Sanctuary Woods

Volunteer Invasives Removal

  • Everyone is encouraged to bring their own work gloves

  • No tools being used - appropriate for all ages

  • No experience needed, training and supervision will be provided

  • Perfect for scouting groups, work groups, and other associations looking for 

  • Reservation requested for coordination purposes

  • Dress for the weather, we will hold event unless there is lightning

  • There are no onsite restrooms

  • Got questions?  Send email to


Photo Credit Eddee Daniel

Buckthorn is an invasive species that has taken over much of Sanctuary Woods and interrupted the regeneration cycle of the old-growth forest.

Future service opportunities will be communicated via the use the update list above and posted in the Eventbrite section.

Friends Group Monthly Meetings:

Friends of County Grounds Park holds regular monthly meetings.  Send email for time and location   

All are welcome to join, standing committees/topics include park improvement, communications, signage, wildlife, outdoor classroom, youth engagement, and health/wellness

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