Friends of County Grounds Park is sponsored by The Park People as a 501(c)(3).  Our mission is to protect and improve the natural areas and wildlife habitat of County Grounds Park and to continue the tradition of using this land to promote community health and wellness.  


2020 Officers:

  • President:  Jonathan Piel

  • Treasurer:  Dianne Dagelen

Inquires can be directed to:



Donations contribute to the support materials associated with the events that support our mission (tools, raw-materials, education materials, and outreach to engage volunteers).  Donations specifically to Friends of County Grounds Park can be made through:


Milwaukee County Grounds Park does not yet have a formal address.  The Milwaukee County Parks system lists the address for County Grounds Park identical to the county headquarters:  9480 Watertown Plank Road.  The county headquarters and the park are within 2 blocks of each other and the address is functional for general navigation. 


Sometimes County Grounds Park is commonly referred to as "Sanctuary Woods" - which is a geographic subset of County Grounds Park. 


Milwaukee County Grounds Park in Wauwatosa has limited parking which is accessible from either:

  • 87th Street north of Watertown Plank Road

    • Google/Waze/Apple-map-point "Sanctuary Woods Parking"

    • See map and navigation guidance on this website's homepage

  • Discovery Parkway south of Swan Boulevard

Reporting Suspicious Activity:

Unfortunately, the Milwaukee County Grounds have come under increased abuse during the COVID-19 crisis. Perhaps increased boredom is leading to more extreme behavior.  Perhaps perpetrators believe there is less use and oversight.  

The Milwaukee County Grounds is patrolled and enforced by the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department.  Please be part of the solution and report any suspicious activity.  This can be done 2 ways:

1.) Urgent reports are most efficiently reported directly to the sheriff at:  414-278-4788 
2.) Non-urgent reports, tips, chats can be engaged through the Milwaukee County Sheriff app.  Here is a link to the iphone app:
Android app release timing is unverified, consider searching the Google App store.


Thanks for helping take clear ownership for our shared space.

We are always seeking park history to include in our interactive maps, new ideas that support our mission, volunteers who support the activities, and more friends to support planning/organization.  We can be reached at

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