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All photos taken at Sanctuary Woods
and immediate surrounding area

A 2017 Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) report was commissioned to evaluate the natural resources inventory of this area. This disappointing report fell short in several areas to define special concern species habitat. Unfortunately, or intentionally, this study only spanned April 26-September 7, and therefore did not identify any protected areas for the long eared owls as none are found here outside of winter. Regarding their findings on the Butler’s garter snake, the report states “Butler’s garter snake was observed by the SEWRPC staff in the project area (PCA 3) incidental to April 26, 2017, wetland delineation field work.” The report only identifies an incidental encounter and NO intentional research to define the habitat for the Butler’s garter snake. Output of this report was to draw primary environmental corridors very narrowly, omitting nearly half of the Sanctuary Woods area, also excluding the woods and wetlands to the north. Critical species habitat boundaries were drawn strictly at woods lines (also known as “drip line” – where water would drip off tree branches).

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